Saracen Ventures 2016

Product Tanker Investment – Long-Range vessels 

Aligned itself with a blue-chip ship owner and management firm which operates the largest fleet of VLCC tankers in the world and the company has recently completed an acquisition of another large shipping firm. SV has prepared a ROI analysis for an equity-shareholder, on a product tanker fleet investment, with a current asset value of approx. $262m, to be sold after three years to a strategic buyer.

Corporate Finance opportunity in Chemical Tanker Company 

Provided research and consultancy services to a distressed, listed company, along with a solution to allow for the strategic restructuring of it’s current assets. Saracen Ventures also outlined a comprehensive, financial and operational program and advised on the underperforming assets.

Acquisition of three Liquid Petroleum Gas Tankers 

Consultancy services on the finance, purchase and delivery of the vessel where appropriate. Provided the Group with a research and consultancy services on the registration, flagging, class surveys, inspections, repairs, maintenances, crew, chartering, spares and other technical research through a partner management company.