Saracen Ventures 2016

Saracen Ventures has a growing appetite for disruptive opportunities created from the changing dynamics of the entertainment and media industries. Whilst a more recent sector of focus, we believe we have sufficient experience and insight to be able to appreciate the challenges. The industry is experiencing a time of change, impacted by an ever increasing demand for content, as well as rapid changes in technology and consumer dynamics. The fundamental focus of the group will remain on the smaller end of the middle market, looking for established companies and growth equity opportunities, where experienced management teams and talented individuals who understand their markets are pursuing expansion. 


Children’s Entertainment:

Saracen Ventures conducted extensive research on a global children’s educational and entertainment platform in the UK. The group has an extensive network of franchises globally, with further sites in development as it continues its expansion into new markets. Specifically, particularly attention was focussed on the prospects of expanding the offering to additional locations in the UK, with comparative analysis on competing entertainment offerings in a comparable price bracket.


Saracen Ventures is active in the media sector, and has a particular focus on potential opportunities in TV and new technologies for the broadcasting industry.