Saracen Ventures 2016


The Executive Board and Consulting Network of Saracen Ventures have substantial practical experience in the structuring of financial products and investment funds for regional and International Islamic Banks (Middle East, UK & the Far East), and are familiar with the application of Sharia’h law by country. With years of experience in banking – including both Islamic and conventional finance – Saracen Venture’s research and consultancy services can be easily tailored towards individual, bespoke requirements. Our extended team consists of leading Islamic banking practitioners and their experience represents a breadth of knowledge and expertise unparalleled in the market. To strengthen the consulting network and expand the Group’s extended range of services, Saracen shall continue to recruit new partners – both local and international, with diverse practical experiences.

Product Development Consultancy services by Saracen Ventures which may include, but are not limited to: 



– Financing for working capital

– Financing for long term capital projects

– Trade Finance

– Asset based sukuk


– Different types of Wakala

Product Structuring Consultancy:

– Musharaka / Syndicated Musharaka

– Islamic Covered Drawings

– Ijara

– Murabaha

– Murabaha (LC)

– Tawarruq (LME Murabaha)

– Diminishing Musharaka

– Mudaraba

– Salaam

– Istisna’a

Product Development Consultancy services by Saracen Ventures which may include but not limited to: