Saracen Ventures 2016

Saracen Ventures has a substantial track record in analysis and consultancy for a diverse array of financial products in the alternatives market, including venture capital funds, private equity funds, emerging market funds, real estate funds, shipping funds and Sharia’ compliant investment structures. These investment structures are for the benefit of the principal shareholders, as well as ensuring that the group remains close to the forefront of all emerging financial opportunities.

Saracen Ventures has been involved in research concerning the structuring of a number of such projects, working closely with our clients to create bespoke solutions for their unique requirements.

Real Estate:

  • Saracen Ventures has performed a number of research projects for affiliate companies involved in the development of residential and commercial real estate transactions across the UK, Europe and US. Historically, the team has had exposure to a variety of deals, including redevelopment of commercial to residential units. The group have also performed analysis on a distressed, commercial real estate fund in the U.S. with a portfolio of mixed commercial and retail assets.
  • More recently involved in assessment of a number of commercial development opportunities for a mixed media commercial development site in the UK.

Alternative Funds:
  • Forest Fund: wood-logging factory with associated development in timber production on prime agricultural land in Brazil.
  • Trade finance fund which is actively managing a portfolio of private loans to Latin American agri-companies, comprised primarily of: import financing, medium term export credit facilities, medium term equipment financing, inventories financing and domestic factoring.
  • Classic car fund – this sector has demonstrated capital growth over the past 20 years, which is largely uncorrelated to more traditional asset classes such as equity and bond markets. The team at Saracen Ventures retains an interest in the classic car market, where there is significant historical experience and the group has accordingly performed significant analytical work on the merits of different acquisition structures, as well as performing operational due diligence.
  • Performed a comprehensive analysis on the strategy for a specialist fund manager pioneering the acquisition of hedge fund side pockets and other illiquid assets following on from the financial market crisis, with a view to establishing potential operational framework for Sharia’ compliant investors.


  • Saracen Ventures is actively involved in assessing ongoing opportunities – primarily direct transactions – in new renewable technology businesses, including but not limited to the production and distribution of electric cars and e-vehicles, as well as the associated infrastructure necessary to enable development of this industry in future.