Saracen Ventures 2016

Recent Activity

Energy & Industry

Evaluated a number of Islamic Trade Finance transactions based on Murabaha, Ijara, Istithna and Musharaka.

Recent Activity: Gasoil Trade Finance (2013):

Provided research and consultancy services for the finance and facilitation of a Trade Finance transaction, to transport approximately 100,000 MT of gasoil per month.

– Total Finance: U.S.$ 100 million per month

– Term of Finance: 10 months

– Structured Return: 16% per 10 transactions (annualised at 19.2%)

– Exposure: Cargo by cargo basis (each cargo to be repaid before any subsequent cargo is financed)

Research and Consultancy for a Refinery Project 

Saracen Ventures has conducted its own independent, feasibility study and completed an integrated business plan, which factored all logistical and technical concerns, for presentation to potential investors, for the purpose of raising finance for the upgrade of a Brownfield Oil Refinery. Saracen Ventures has also carried out independent financial feasibility studies on several other regional refinery installations across the MENA region.

Oil Storage Terminal 

Oil storage terminal consultancy for a governmental strategic hub and private sector end-users, with prime capacity near the existing port facilities. This reduces the risk of delays in the deployment of products to market, especially for International Oil Companies which experience difficulty with Port Authority. The oil storage terminal enables products to be temporarily held in storage facilities, pending Port Authority verification, which will allow more time for a delivery solution to be found as and when required.

Heavy Oil Upgrading Technology (Canadian based operations)

Saracen Ventures has recently completed analysis and due diligence on a strategic investment into a technology company specialising in the processing and refining of heavy oil. The Canadian based company, along with its investors, were promoting the construction of 1,000 bpd modular, upgrader pilot plants in Alberta and the Middle East, where they were seeking to align themselves with Middle Eastern local partners.

Saracen Ventures has facilitated the establishment of commercial relations with a variety of Kuwait Oil & Gas companies, with a view to the application of the  specialist technology on the KERP program, for remediation of the Kuwaiti Oil Lakes. This technology enables the processing of any heavy oil or bituminous product, as well as low grade, refined products such as Heavy Fuel Oil.